Paper Cutting


About Yun

Born in Shanghai, China

Lives & works in Canada

Born and raised in Shanghai, a very beautiful city on the eastern coast of China. There is a famous City God Temple, CHENGHUANGMIAO not far from my parents home.  When I was in primary school, every summer I spent allot of time there just to look at all kinds of folk art. My favorite folk art is paper cutting.

At 8 years old I started doing paper cutting.  My first piece was a little girl and for me it was so magical, in just a few minutes I could turn a piece of paper into a little girl. Ever since then,  I have always had the feeling that paper cutting art was what I really wanted to do.  That same year I began to develop my skills as an artist and started doing sketches, watercolor and brush painting.

After completing a 4-year course in Graphic Design I began working as a graphic design artist for an advertising company. I worked for that company for ten years eventually becoming the team leader and managing art director. In 2006 I left China to pursue my art career opportunities in Canada.

Im inspired by a lot of things, especially flowers, animals, Chinese traditional painting and lots more. I really enjoy spending day by day turning a piece of paper into a beautiful piece of artwork only using a knife and a creative mind.  I love the quiet peaceful nature paper cutting has created for me.  I continue to develop paper cutting skills and appreciate any opportunities to put my artwork in public so more people will enjoy and love them.